This is the Alignment System, which we prefer to call the best way of using alignment sticks. But why? Well, we offer a more reliable, appealing and extraordinary product, for the same price, as simply buying two alignment sticks.

The T-Aligner, which is an implement to the alignment sticks, developed by professional golfers, is the main part that separates us from the other alignment stick suppliers. The use of alignment sticks becomes much easier and much more reliable. Finally, we pack the system in a bag, which protects both the golf clubs and the sticks, and it gives the golf bag a whole different, professional look.


Our alignment sticks are quality assured and white painted. Both ends are rounded to make it easy to stick them into the ground. We have also placed rubber caps, which makes the sticks easier to use while standing on the driving range carpet, but also to reduce damaging the golf clubs. With no rubber caps, the sticks can go through the head covers and damage the metal woods.


T-Aligner is the perfect training aid when practicing golf. Together with the alignment sticks, you create a cross, where one stick shows you aim, and one stick shows your ball position, which could be the two most important foundations of all golf practicing. T-Aligner makes the sticks always stay in a 90 degree angle, and it is on top of that easy to slide the sticks in any direction, while changing a club or hitting a divot.

Innovative Training Aids

Phone Holder

Phone Holder is our latest innovation, which fixes two main problems. Firstly, golfers want to film themselves when practicing, with the Phone Holder you can do this very easily. You take an alignment stick, and put it into the ground, and then you simply put the Phone Holder on. Secondly, when using Golf GPS applications on the phone. When using these apps, you need to constantly take the phone in and out of the pocket, but when using the Phone Holder, you can constantly have the phone on the bag instead, always seeing the screen of the phone.


Eighteen Golf AB is a swedish company that developes, produces and sells golf training aids. We are growing rapidly, and if you want to hear more about us and our produtcts, please give us a call or send us an email.




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Hi! My name is Max Odqvist, I am currently 20 years old and I am the CEO of Eighteen Golf AB. I have been playing golf all my life, and now I am thrilled to launch my own product that I have developed together with other golfers, and I am sure that you will enjoy it. Feel free to contact me at any time, my e-mail adress is

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